Robyne Friedland
Water Play the Safe Way: A Parent and Child Guide to Staying Safe in and
Around the Water
by Robyne Friedland    
This book features two dolphins named DJ and Racer who make it fun to
learn about water safety. They teach five important water safety rules and
what to do when a child tires during swimming.   

The book includes entertaining activities to do with your children to reinforce
the water safety rules they have learned, as well as water safety tips for
Robyne Friedland has taught preschool and elementary
school and has a Master’s Degree in elementary
education. She has created an interactive kids program
called Book n Cookin
SM.  Robyne designs programs
tailored to any requested topic. Themes have included
nutrition, holidays, sports, and “around the world.”  Each
program consists of three segments: interactive
storytelling, music and movement, and a cooking project.
“Miss Robyne” teaches these classes in South Florida
preschools, elementary schools, libraries, community
centers, and private group settings.

Robyne created a water safety program which has been
presented to more than 200 groups of students. These
classes inspired the writing of this book.  Robyne's hope
is that children and adults enjoy this book and learn how
to always be safe in and around the water.