Rebecca Fronzaglio
Mommy and Me Let Insects Free by Rebecca Fronzaglio  

Mommy and Me Let Insects Free is a delightful collection of ten
compassionate children’s stories written in rhyme. Each beautifully
illustrated story is about a different bug character, a curious little boy,
and his very patient Mother.  Come along on their wonderful
adventures and enjoy an afternoon of fun, sun, mischief and marvel
as they enjoy, learn about, and explore some of God’s precious little
Rebecca Fronzaglio, a Pennsylvania native, has been writing
children’s books and award winning poetry for many years.  She
is the proud Mother of two wonderful children and recently
became a grandmother last year to a beautiful baby boy named
Ean.  She is the owner of Bonnie-Jo’s Children’s Books which
was named after her daughter Bonnie and son Joseph.  In her
spare time she enjoys the butterflies in her wildflower gardens,
sketching, and interior decorating. Her greatest joy is being close
to her children, loved ones, and getting her hands dirty planting.  
She gives credit to God solely for her writing talent and is thrilled
to share her gift with others. Through her writing, she is hoping to
spread environmental and compassionate messages that
benefit both the human and insect world. With many more titles
on the way, this author truly is… one busy bee.
The Un-invited Mouse by Rebecca Fronzaglio  

The Un-invited Mouse is a marvelous children’s story about a
cute little mouse with very poor house manners. Not only does
he show up un-invited, he also leaves bits of food and "other"
things all over the house. Throughout the story, Alex the brave,
man’s-up but still struggles to catch this little critter. Even if it
takes all night, he is determined to catch the mouse and
become Mommy’s hero. If Mom would have only placed her
"Catch A Mouse ™" order sooner, Alex could be sleeping by
now. With its compassionate message, adorable illustrations,
and superb rhyming text, this story is sure to delight the hunter
and hero in all of us.