Brian Gallagher
Vatican Protocol by Brian Gallagher

Struggling writer and nearly bankrupt Sean O’Shea is
searching for the blockbuster story from which he can create
a best seller. The goal is to regain his financial independence
and self-esteem. When he learns of a horrific 1936 UFO
crash in Germany’s Black Forest, he chases the story to its

The discovery of insidious Nazi involve-ment peaks his
interest and when he un-earths secret assassinations of
previous investigators, he is hooked. As his probe continues,
witnesses are murdered and he becomes the target of deadly
agents sent by the most powerful man in the Vatican-The
Black Pope. The cover-up is greater than he ever imagined.
When he discovers that UFO’s, Nazis, Wewelburg Castle and
the Vatican are connected, he has the killer story  he
envisioned, though it just may kill him to get it published.
Serial K by Brian Gallagher

It was the perfect spot for his first kill.

So begins Craig Breedlove’s descent into darkness.

The diabolical sociopath undertakes a journey to become the
most famous serial killer of all-time. Most young boys idolize
sports superstars, but Breedlove’s heroes are Jack the
Ripper and the Zodiac. He begins emulating the deeds of
Gacy, Dahmer and Gein, first ballot inductees into his
imaginary serial killer hall of fame, and quickly vaults to the
top of the FBI’s Most Wanted List.

FBI Special Agent Ryan O’Callahan leads the investigation,
and teams with his ex-wife, FBI Profiler Lea Pucci. Unbridled
passion defines their relationship, both positive and

As the search continues, the body count rises and the lunatic
shifts his target to the FBI. Fear grips the public. Many will die,
but who survives?

Brian Gallagher, author of award winning Vatican Protocol,
delves into the mind of a serial killer with the release of Serial
Serial K Returns by Brian Gallagher

His hunger returned.

Craig Breedlove, the serial killer who survives in Serial K, is
back at it. This time he has a new target. In fact, two new

A victim of priest molestation at age seven, he puts his sights
on abusive priests who were never brought to justice.

The FBI team of Agents Lea Pucci and Ryan O’Callahan, now
divorced but current lovers, are back on the trail.

As they close in, the killer turns his sights on his pursuers.

As the chase continues, the body count rises. Fear grips the
public. Many will die, but who survives?
Real Monsters by Brian Gallagher

Sean O’Shea is ready to write his next thriller. This time he
decides to research the origins of Eastern European
superstitions and prove they are based in fact. He’s about to
learn the unfortunate truth.

Meanwhile, lunatic Craig Breedlove, serial killer
extraordinaire, escapes from the Winnebago Mental Health
Institute. He has a new target in mind. The horrendous
pedophile priest scandals were only made possible by the
enabling of Bishops, Cardinals and Popes. These cover-
uppers are his new targets.

How will these stories merge and will an unlikely hero come

Vampires, a serial killer, pedophile priests and pedophile
enablers, who are the real monsters?