J. Thomas Ganzer
Chicago Secrets by J. Thomas Ganzer  

Joe Haise is a bland, bow tie-wearing Assistant US Attorney
in Chicago handling low-level fraud for the federal
government. His stable job and stable marriage provide him
a predicable - perhaps even boring - life. But one evening he
scoops up his wife Tina’s phone by mistake and reads a
cryptic text from an unknown number. Joe’s world descends
into chaos when he pieces together several random events
and discovers Tina is moonlighting as a high-priced escort
for Chicago’s jet set. In his fervor to uncover the seedy
details of her secret life, Joe must confront a dark secret of
his own. Can Joe use his knowledge of the law to
manipulate those around him to do his bidding? And what
could one do, a federal prosecutor no less, if one had no
Chicago Two-Step (Chicago Secrets Vol. II)
by J. Thomas Ganzer

Jackie Dekker is a young idealistic Federal Prosecutor in
Chicago. Her career is on a hot streak until she discovers
her boss, the esteemed Joe Haise, murdered his wife. Her
world begins to fall apart.  Will anyone believe her? Is she
even right? And when her boss learns she has uncovered
his secret, what will he do? When you know the law, you
know how to break it. When Jackie dances with the Devil
and the music stops, she must decide which one will be
left dancing.
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Chicago Checkmate (Chicago Secrets Vol. III)
by J. Thomas Ganzer

Assistant US Attorney Joe Haise is off-balance. The bodies
were so carefully concealed, the evidence meticulously
destroyed, and the king was protected. A homicidal federal
prosecutor can be forgiven for feeling above the law. But all
of it is coming undone at the hands of his one-time
protégé, Jackie Dekker. She knows precisely what he is,
and she’s done running. Move and counter, thrust and
parry, the two warily begin the final match. Murder is such a
wonderful game.
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