Christine Gates     B &
The Early Bird by Christine Gates

I thought it to be the role of a mom,
To teach, to provide, to always be strong.
Then along came a hatchling, a preemie to love.
More time to be shared, a gift from above.
More joys to discover, a voice to be heard.
The pure love of a mother and her dear, early bird.

Turn the pages of the miracle of life.  Cherish the celebration
of this early arrival, and discover the joy, and the hope, that
this beautiful creature unfolds in The Early Bird.
Christine Gates believes that all creatures are miracles and
have special gifts.  Christine is a Reading Specialist in
Northern Virginia where she resides with her son.  She hopes
to encourage every child to be the author of his life, and every
parent to celebrate the splendor of their precious children.