James E. Gentry, Ed.D.
My Cool Grandparents are Ancient!  by James E. Gentry, Ed.D.    
A young man overhears his mom’s conversation with a friend. He
misunderstands the meaning of the word ancient as it relates to his
grandma and grandpa. The misunderstanding deepens when Mr.
Boca writes the words ANCIENT HISTORY on the white board. The
boy thinks, "Ancient means old...My grandparents are ancient
according to Mom. I am learning about Grandma and Grandpa." This
young man literally associates the events, buildings, tools, and
people of the ancient world with his grandma and grandpa, making
them older than they actually are by several thousand years. Although
the ancient world is portrayed accurately, the young man’s placement
of his grandparents in the center of several key cultures found in the
ancient world was a tremendous mix-up. When the boy shares his
newfound learning with his family, they do not have any words to
express their complete surprise. This is a different type of book. It is
in a category all its own--children’s book/teaching resource. The text
has INTERNET based resources providing instructions for parents
and teachers on how to use this book to build knowledge of the
ancient world.

Suzy nose/knows homophones!  by James E. Gentry, Ed.D. &
Rebecca Miller, Ph.D..

Suzy takes a journey through the wild, funny world of language. Join
her as she experiences the humorous confusion of homophones.
Suzy Nose/Knows Homophones is a creative way for a teacher or
parent to help a reader negotiate multiple meaning words with
pictures. Kids will laugh while learning with Suzy—a must have for
all young readers.
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