Kasey Graham
Finding a Dragonfly and a Daddy by Kasey Graham     
When families blend together, it takes time for the step
children and the step parent to conquer the awkwardness
of the unknown and to become a family. “Finding a
Dragonfly and a Daddy” is a touching true story that
captures the memorable day when a dragonfly helps turn
the stranger living in Kasey’s home from her stepfather into
her daddy - and her friend.
.....Kasey Graham is the author of Finding a Dragonfly and a Daddy. Kasey  was born in Hayward,
California but she has also lived in Utah and  Washington. She currently lives with her husband and
her blended family of five children in California.  She is an English teacher and an avid reader. One
favorite request from her children is for her to tell them stories from when she was a child.  She told
the story about her special day with the dragonfly and her daddy so many times that she decided to
write it into a book to encourage her children to read.  In publishing this book, Kasey decided to
dedicate it to her dad  and husband for being amazing step-parents.
.....She called upon her niece, Marianne Bland, who is an amazing artist to take the images from her
memory and put them artistically on paper.  Together they created a book very special to their family
and hopefully, special to many others.
.....Feel free to contact Kasey at:  graham1728@sbcglobal.net