Phyllis Griggs
Bob Beetle Book Bug: The Magical World of Books
by Phyllis Griggs

Bob Beetle is a book bug that lives inside a magical
world—the magical world of books. Bob Beetle Book
Bug invites children everywhere, big and small, through
reading, to take a journey with him inside his magical
world. Once inside, children soon discover there are all
kinds of fun and exciting things for them to learn and
see. Inside this world they can do and be anything they
want to be. The colorful illustrations and lovable
character are sure to capture your children’s attention
and spark their imagination, inspiring them to develop
a love of reading, which is essential for achieving
success in school. It also encourages them to spend
time reading with their families. Bob Beetle Book Bug:
The Magical World of Books is a fun, adorable story,
with a lovable character that promotes literacy by
inspiring children to get excited about reading and
Phyllis Griggs is the founder of Bob Beetle Book Bug, Inc. A non-profit children's
literacy program located in Decatur,IL. Her book, Bob Beetle Book Bug: The Magical
World of Books was written to encourage children to explore the wonderful world of
reading and to partake in the vast wealth of knowledge available to each one of us
inside of books. The book will be given to Children FREE through her literacy program.
ALL proceeds from the sales go to Bob Beetle Book Bug literacy program and helps to
put books into the hands of under-served children and schools. Originally from
Chicago, IL. Phyllis currently resides in Decatur IL with her husband, three children
and her cat named Mystie.