Bill Dale Grizzle
Mandy the Mischievous Elf by Bill Dale Grizzle

Things had been going really well in the Kingdom of Claus for
decades now; everyone had become comfortable with that. The
Elves were content, toy production was at an all time high, and
Santa Claus had so few issues to deal with he had developed the
habit of napping in the afternoons, and sometimes he even took the
afternoons off. Yep, all was well at the North Pole, but all that was
about to change.

Lurking deep within one family was a dreaded condition know as
mischiefitus; a condition that causes one to act in very odd ways
and do unthinkable things that no Elf would ever do. Thankfully
there is only one family left at the North Pole that is afflicted by this
dreadful condition, and again thankfully mischiefitus only effects the
third daughter of a third daughter of a third daughter. But it is now
time for the mischiefitus to rear its ugly head. The Kingdom of
Clause is caught by surprise as things begin to go wrong in the toy
factories and shops, as computer systems go haywire, and as the
very meaning of Christmas is threatened.

It will take the efforts of everyone at the North Pole to overcome the
evil that has taken root in the happiest place in the world. It will
require one young Elf girl to be braver than she ever dreamed she
could be, on a journey that will take her to a place far from the safety
of her home. And it will require the assistance of a stranger; but a
true friend of Christmas.        

Join Santa and Mandy and all the other Elves as they learn life’s
lessons as they strive to keep Christmas joyful for all.
Bill Dale Grizzle, or simply known as Dale to everyone, resides
in rural northwest Georgia with his family. Although his college
major was Art Education he never put it to use in a classroom.
Instead Dale chose to become a painter, a house painter that is;
and enjoyed a long and successful career as a painting
contractor. “I loved my job,” says Dale, “I was happy with what I
was doing. Everybody can’t say that, but I could.” Mostly retired
now he works only when he wants to, and spends most of his
time enjoying thirteen grandchildren, camping, traveling, and

Dale is co-founder of The Pine Log Press, an informal literary
group dedicated to the production and distribution of quality,
meaningful, and wholesome reading materials for young
readers and adults. As such, he is committed to his Christian
faith and believes that there is a need for books and stories with
a moral message. “It is my hope,” says Dale, “that when you
finish reading something I’ve written you go away with
something to build on. Something positive.”

Christmas stories, and in fact all things Christmas, have a
special place in Dale’s heart. You may have guessed that he in
a professionally trained Santa Claus. He loves being Santa and
he loves all children, no matter what age bodies they’re in. “We’
re all kids,” he says, “some of us are just older than others.”
With that kind of attitude how could you not enjoy his writing?

You may contact Dale at