Angela Hall
Hughey Oliver is not a Loony Goomer! by Angela Hall
Five year old Hughey Oliver Monroe is free spirited and loves making new friends.
When a new kid, whose daddy is rumored to be GI Joe, joins his preschool class,
Hughey and his best friend Sammy desperately try to become friends with him.
Why is the new kid so mean? What is a loony goomer? And WHY would anyone
move into the scary crooked house at the corner instead of buying old Mr. Pickle’s
Read along as Hughey tries everything to convince the new kid that he isn’t like
"hyped up Walter" and that his shoes are over the top super cool.
Angela Hall was born November 27, 1979 in the small town of Wheelwright located in the
Appalachian mountains of eastern Kentucky.  She discovered her love for writing at a very
early age while still in grade school.  Angela lives in Mount Sterling Kentucky with her
husband, Andrew and 2 year old son, Dalton.  Motherhood has inspired her to full fill her
dreams and aspirations of becoming a published author.  She believes a childs imagination
is timeless and through her writing hopes to inspire others.   She credits this amazing
opputunity to those who have been her inspiration through out life.  Besides being an author
she has the most rewarding job of all, a stay at home mother.
Moo-Ve Over for Poetry by Angela Hall
Read along with Herbie the cow as he makes his way through this fun
filled collection of children’s poetry. You will take a trip to the zoo, see
the lion with the blue mane, join an adventure with numbers and Herbie
will even explain why you snore! You don’t want to miss the eye catching
illustrations and poems that will keep you in laughter long after you
finish reading.
Priscilla Pennybrook: Wilderness Girl  by Angela Hall
Eight year old, self proclaimed tom boy, Priscilla Ann Pennybrook, is spending the
summer roughing it; hiking through the wilderness and living off the land at
summer camp.  

Will "Camp Shining Star" prove to be the most awesome adventure yet or will
Priscilla "clobber" little miss priss, CeCe "cootey head" Popper?

Read along as Priscilla and her "cream of the crop" new best camp friends, Bug
& Tallulah, tackle "Camp Shining Star" on their way to becoming wilderness girls     B &