Barbara Hammond
Barbara Hammond, author of The Duffy Chronicles:  Duffy Finds His Home
Barbara Hammond has been an artist her entire life.  She sold her first painting at 17 years old.  After
marriage and two young sons to concentrate on, she began 25 years of denial.  As her children grew older
she became restless and found a spiritual need to create art.  In the late ‘90’s Barbara started writing poetry,
for herself and family, and discovered a writing talent she’d never recognized before.  Then in 2000 she was
inspired to write about Duffy, her cockapoo.  He was an inspiration and became the subject of her 1st
children’s book.  There will be more books to come.  Barbara and her husband Dave live in Philadelphia, PA.  
They have two grown sons and two grandsons.
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The Duffy Chronicles:  Duffy Finds His Family by Barbara Hammond   
This is the story of a pound puppy in search of his true home and his
purpose in life.  It is based on facts, and told through his voice.  This is the
first of a series of three books that comprise ‘The Duffy Chronicles.’   We
were truly blessed that Duffy chose us, lived for 15 years and shared his
many adventures with our family.  He really was a 20lb. dog with a two-ton
personality!  A portion of each sale of his books will go to the ASPCA to
support their efforts to change the lives of all our four legged friends.
While You Were Sleeping by Barbara Hammond   
“I will always be grateful for having had cancer.”  That’s a direct quote
from my husband, Dave.  In his case cancer was the 2x4 needed to get
his attention.  He and I were beyond drifting apart; we were running away
from each other.  It took his near death experience with Lymphoma to
bring us back to the love that lives at the core of our relationship.  This is
a story of life, love and miracles.  I hope it will help or inspire you, in
some way, to live each day completely.     B &