Vanessa Hancock    
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Vanessa Hancock currently resides in Section, Alabama, where she
grew up. She spends most of her time writing and teaching. Hancock is
the author of other novels available in bookstores and online.
Chosen: The Rise of the Dark Queen
by Vanessa Hancock

CHOSEN, The Rise of the Dark Queen embarks you on a
journey with Eliana, princess of Zycaldemor, who is
taken captive to be queen of another land. She accepts
her shackles, losing all hope of rescue. But as the years
pass, she finds an inner strength and fights her way to
freedom. With possession of her father's sword and
horse, Eliana confronts the hate in her heart with a love
she can no longer deny and finds the determination to
rise from her bondage to seek vengeance. She aligns
herself with two trusted warriors and seeks out the evil
king who threatens to take over all the lands. Others call
her brave, but Eliana knows courage comes by faith...
and not being afraid to die.