Patricia Hanley
The Silly Little King by Patricia Hanley
Once upon a time there was a Silly Little King who would eat
nothing but his favorite food. One day, when his favorite food was
not available, he decided that he would rather go hungry than eat
something else, but "his tummy got depressed." He finally tried
some new foods and discovered they were "oh
so good." Now:
He’s healthy as can be
Because he eats all kinds of food
Just like you and me.
Patricia Hanley, author of The Silly Little King
A long time ago, this wonderful little story was written by my mother, Patricia Hanley.
She had a "silly little king’ named Ross, who was quite a finicky eater. I was about six
or seven years old when she showed me the story; each stanza was neatly typed on a
piece of card stock, and all were held together with brass brads. I read it over and over
until I had it memorized and was very proud that my mother was able to write such a
great story that rhymed. No one but Mom, Ross and I ever read it. My mother talked
about having her sister, Peg, do some illustrations, but that never happened. Many
years later, when I became a mother and was taking a photography class, we talked
about me taking pictures of my baby for the illustrations. But that never happened. The
book stayed in a drawer in mom’s house until she died, and then came to my house
in a box of her things.

My husband, Bob, was the one who finally took the book out of the box. He asked his
co-worker, Kerri Lonzano, to do the illustrations and sent a copy off to be published.
Mom would be happy to know that many children can now enjoy the story of this finicky
eater and I am happy that her story can now be read (and maybe memorized) by other
children. I hope you enjoy "The Silly Little King."

Amy Hanley Dove
Kerri Lozano, illustrator of The Silly Little King
Kerri Lozano is a graphic designer working and living in Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania. She earned her Associates and Bachelor Degrees
from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, both with honors. During her
career, she has worked on a variety of projects including books,
advertisements, billboards, brochures, logos, and websites. Kerri
lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and son.