Jill S. Hardin
Running in the Desert with Chuck the Camel by Jill S. Hardin   
Meet Chuck. He's a camel who lives in Iraq with all his camel family
and camel friends. Now he has a lot of new friends from America.
Read along as Chuck tells you about his new friends and about how
camels survive living in the desert.
Jill S. Hardin always made up stories for her 3 children when they were small.
But, not till she was laid off in '07 and started working at a nearby daycare, did she
realize how much she loved reading to children. And, with her middle child,
Chuck, again defending his country in Iraq, she decided to put together a book to
dedicate to her "hero" as well as read to her class of 24 four-year-olds. She
enjoyed her first experience so much, she's already knee deep in book number 2.
Having turned her son into a camel for the first book has her other children,
nieces and nephews nervous as to what animal she might turn them into for her
future stories!Email address: jsh516@aol.com
Ross and the Peach Tree by Jill S. Hardin   
Meet Ross. He’s a 4-yr-old that isn’t sure his Mom is telling him the
truth. He practically lives in the backyard yet has never really seen
peaches there. Read along as he discovers what really is in his back
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I’d Rather Eat a Worm! by Jill S. Hardin   
Ross is a five-year-old who
hates vegetables.
How much does he hate them?
Well, he’d rather eat a worm!