Peggy Harris
Leaving Home by Peggy Harris
The worst possible thing that could happen to anyone is happening to
Katie! Her Dad’s company transferred him to another city - the family has
to move.
Katie tries to tell Mom and Dad that she doesn’t want to leave her home,
her friends, her school, and especially her beloved Grandmother; but
they won’t listen. They try to convince her that things will be just as good,
if not better, in her new home and school. Katie doesn’tbelieve them.
Katie is very unhappy living in her new home until Grandma comes to
visit. Grandma encourages Katie to look in her mirror every morning
before going to school and say, "I like it here." Grandma is certain that in
just a short time amazing things will begin to happen!
Peggy lives in rural Southern Illinois. She is an Early Childhood Special
Education teacher and began writing children’s stories 17 years ago while
taking a creative writing class.

Peggy is married and has four children (two boys and two girls) and four
grandchildren (two boys and two girls.) Her book, Leaving Home, was
inspired by childhood memories of growing up in Chicago and having to
relocate when her whole neighborhood was destroyed by the building of an
expressway. She moved to a new neighborhood in the middle of eighth
grade and found that making friends was a struggle. However, she learned
a valuable life lesson when she began reaching out to others in friendship
and found that her actions were soon reciprocated.