Drema Hazelwood
Bison at Hollow Hill by Drema Hazelwood  
Ben is a baby buffalo that has been bottle fed at Hollow Hill Buffalo
Farm. Read along and enjoy the adventure as this story explores his
experiences as a newborn, herd member, and trophy-winning
champion. Ben's home, Hollow Hill Farm, is nestled between the hills
of Potts and Peters Mountain in a remote old railroad town called Paint
Bank, Virginia. The buffalo farm began when owners had twenty-five
buffalo trailered in from Ohio on a snowy Thanksgiving Day in 1989.
Today the herd has grown to 250 and is a source of both pride and
pleasure to the town and its thousands of visitors each year. There are
more than 232,000 buffalo in private herds in the US and 150,000 in
Canada today. The author makes frequent visits to Hollow Hill to visit
her daughter and son-in-law, who manages the farm. Illustrator, Rose
Dobbins, a self taught artist, enjoys doing portraiture work of pets and
people. Her favorite mediums are pastels and oils. Originally from
Calfornia, Rose moved with her husband Mel to WV after living in
Texas for over thirty years. You can visit her web site at
Ole Cow Jo by Drema Hazelwood

Join the adventure as Ole Cow Jo decides to trade her boring days on
the farm for the glitz, glam, and excitement of city life. She leaves her
barnyard friends behind, grabs a tutu along the way, and heads out to
dance for the city folks. However, she soon discovers an unthinkable
surprise and learns that the grass isn’t always greener on the other
side of the fence!

The author brings Ole Cow Jo’s quest for happiness to life in this fun,
rhyming tale. This is her fifth children’s book as she continues her love
for writing in the beautiful peaceful hills of West Virginia.