Angelique Y. Heppner
Farmer Yogurt and Katie Cow by Angelique Y. Heppner     

Farmer Yogurt is a hard working farmer who goes about his daily
farm chores, and makes a living by milking his Katie Cow and
then selling the milk in the nearby town. One evening, he
receives some bad news which makes him very sad and causes
him to worry all night long.

The next day, Farmer Yogurt experiences a series of unfortunate
events while on his way to town, to sell his milk. These mishaps
once again cause Farmer Yogurt to become very sad because
he won’t be able to sell his milk, and won’t make any money for
that day. However, what at first seems unfortunate, soon turns
out for the best with his discovery of a new dessert.
Ho Tony Tractor Got His name Back by Angelique Y. Heppner
Tony Tractor is bought brand new and shiny from a tractor factory,
and gets to work on a large farm for many years.  Tony Tractor
loves working hard on the farm plowing fields and pulling hay
wagons.  At the end of each day, Tony gets cleaned up and put
into the barn to rest overnight.  Then one day Tony Tractor doesn’t
go out into the fields to work and realizes that the farm is sold to
another farmer who raises cattle.  Tony Tractor is then moved out
of the barn to make room for the cattle and put out in a field, where
he is no longer used.  Over time, Tony begins to rust and gets very
rusty and dirty which makes him sad.  As time passes Tony
Tractor wonders if he’ll ever shine again and get to work in the
fields like he use to many years ago.     B &