Adam Herro
Farmer Yogurt and Katie Cow by Adam Herro
Whistler's Last Song is a comforting, educational story
parents can read together with their children to help address
the most common misconceptions about death when coping
with the loss of a loved one. Set deep in the forest,
Last Song
tells the story of the Leaf family’s son, Whistler,
who was born with a hole in his tummy. Each time the winds
blow across his belly, it creates a peaceful melody for the
whole forest to hear. As time goes on, the heavy winds
against Whistler’s tummy cause his stem to tear more and
more from the tree where he lives with his family. As Whistler’
s last night approaches, the animals of the forest gather
around the tree to voice their questions about death and
dying to the wise Papa Oak. The love and support Papa Oak
provides brings peace to both the animals and reader alike.