Sharon Hickey
Card Auntie's Wonderful Workshop by Sharon Hickey

A lady with a funny name who loves to send cards, her cat named
Zip, a nurse who forgot how to smile, and a little orange snail who
pops up in unexpected places --- these are some of the colorful
characters in Card Auntie’s Wonderful Workshop. When Card
Auntie breaks her arm and can’t make her beloved cards, she
learns to follow her own advice. A change comes over her visiting
nurse and a BIG surprise awaits Card Auntie! Card Auntie’s
Wonderful Workshop is an amusing story with a gentle message
about the written word, thoughtfulness and gratitude. Boys and
girls alike will enjoy the story and its illustrations, created
completely in colored pencil by the author.
Chloe the Shoe Cat by Sharon Hickey

"Chloe the Shoe Cat" is the second picture book written and
illustrated by Sharon Hickey and published by Mirror Publishing. It
is a story about a cat named Chloe, whose love of playing with,
hiding and napping in the family’s shoes starts with her discovery
of a little white baby shoe as a tiny kitten. Chloe’s love of shoes
grows as she grows in size! Her family does their best to keep
their pet happy and well supplied with shoes! Ms. Hickey’s sweet,
rhyming story and drawings were inspired by her sister, Nora’s,
very special shoe-loving cat, Chloe.