Lisa Hodgkins
Camille Carries the Mail by Lisa Hodgkins

Did you know that in the 1850s the U.S. Army
experimented with the idea of using camels to carry
freight across the deserts of the Southwest? This
story uses that episode in history as the setting for
Camille the Camel’s adventure in the Army’s "camel
corps." When she is entrusted to carry a little girl’s
letter across the Arizona desert, Camille realizes the
importance of her mission, but daydreaming gets
her into trouble. Luckily, she meets a couple of
friends who try to help her find a way to deliver the
mail.     B &
Lisa Hodgkins is the Librarian and Archivist for the Postal History Foundation
in Tucson, Arizona.
She was inspired to write Camille Carries the Mail as a way of introducing
children to Arizona’s postal history. “Most people are unaware how important
the postal service and mail delivery were in opening up the Western United
States” Hodgkins says.  “It started with wagons and stagecoaches bringing
mail and people through Arizona on the way to California, followed by trains,
and of course, at one point, even camels!”

The Postal History Foundation in Tucson is a non-profit organization which
promotes an appreciation of postal history and stamp collecting through its
library and educational programs.  Hodgkins joined the PHF after moving to
Tucson, having worked for many years as a librarian and archivist in
England.   Contact Lisa at: