Kathleen Hoersch
Ramblin Ats by Kathleen Hoersch
Ramblin Ats, is a mondegreen for its story. Little Harriet is
five years old and overhears her parents talking about doing
Random Acts of kindness. After Harriet’s mother explains
what this is, Harriet decides that she wants to get involved.
She learns that Ramblin Ats, as she calls it, is doing nice
things for people when they’re not expecting it. She learns
how rewarding it can be to do something nice just to make
someone feel a little better or brighten up someone’s day.
Kathleen Hoersch, author of Ramblin Ats
Kathleen has written poems and verses for many years, however this is
her first book, a tribute to her late Mother, Harriet.  She and “Mister” live in
Appleton, WI, have a blended family of 6 children, 15 grandchildren and
one great-grandchild.  She loves sunshine and boating, baking cookies
to give away and reminds everyone that her “cup is always half full!”
email:  Bkvagabond@aol.com
Saving the Earth With Leftovers by Kathleen Hoersch
Harriet loves to visit her grandparents. They always teach her new
things. On this visit, Gramps shares stories about birds and Gram
talks recycling.
While on a trip to the "stick place," Harriet discovers blooming
flowers buried in the brush pile. They take them home and
convince Gramps that flowers are part of the Earth and everything
on Earth needs a chance.
At the end of the book, they each share ideas for saving everyone’s