John L. Hoh, Jr
An Angel Named Carol by John L. Hoh, Jr    
Can an angel feel lonely? What is the self-worth of an angel? And can
mere mortal humans have the same fears, doubts, and insecurities?
Take a look at an angel named Carol who stays to herself but has a
great gift of music. One day she is approached to be part of a great
message of a newborn Savior. Can Carol gather the courage to go
through with the concert? And will she gain renown for the songs we
sing every Christmas?
John is a technical writer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He lives with his son,
Matthew, plus two cats. John has written numerous articles for
newspapers and magazines, including a number of on-line magazines
such as HOWS Magazine, ArenaFan, and Suite, and (Senior Editor). John also has written over two dozen
books. These books include John's love for his faith, his interest in
aviation history and the Underground Railroad, and select theological
topics. John once studied for the public ministry and attended Lutheran
seminaries for four years after graduating from Northwestern College in
Watertown, Wisconsin.