Patricia Hombs-Silhacek
Come See Our Backyard: Some Tale Waggin' Adventures
by Patricia Hombs-Silhacek

MUFFIN`S BOOK II. These books tell of the adventures of two
delightful puppies who were driven to the country and dumped out.
There is an exciting plot in each adventure.

This book teaches children important lessons through humor and
suspense. When Grandma and Grandpa give Muffin and MaMa a
home, it shows loving responsibility toward pets.

Jacob, who is unhappy and angry due to his parents divorce,
becomes a hero. It changes his whole attitude.

COME SEE MY BACKYARD demonstrates the important role of
Grandmas and Grandpas.
Patty, as everyone calls her, grew up in the small town of Westfield, Iowa.  It was not
unusual for a doggy to show up on her doorstep tired and hungry.  She said “they just
sniffed me out”.  She always found them a home.  One day a poor little doggy showed
up full of ticks and so hungry.  Patty took her in.  “Benji” as she named her, blessed
her with eight puppies.  She found a home for the entire family but kept the smallest
puppy and named her Muffin.  As it turned out Muffin would write a book.

Patty owned and operated her beauty salon for 35 years.  She closed her salon to take
care of her husband when they learned he had lung cancer.  Don passed away within
4 months of diagnosis.

Patty had always written poetry, so now she decided to start submitting it to John
Campbell Publishing Company.  After two years of submissions she won the Golden
Poet Award, presented to her in Las Vegas, Nevada.

One day she shared with Arlene Morehead that she had always wanted to write a
children’s book.  Arlene said, “you write, I will illustrate it”.  So the partnership began.  
Ultimately they had two books published. These were Muffin’s Book I and Muffin’s
Book II.

They worked hard, did many book signings and traveled all over to schools and
libraries reading Muffin’s books to children.  The children loved talking about authors
and illustrators, but most of all they loved Muffin. “I have a huge box of letters from the
children” Patty told me.  She told me I love each and every letter.

Many years later and after the death of Patty’s second husband, David Silhacek, she
brought the manuscript of the third book out of the closet.  Megan Dirks had worked on
the illustrations for the book a few years ago.   When she left for college she did not
have time to complete it.  Her mother Robin completed the manuscript for Megan.  
She submitted the manuscript to Mirror Publishing, within a week she got word they
wanted to publish her book.  So….more adventures of Muffin and Mama.