Mark Huff
King of the beach by Mark Huff
Nick and Teresa live on the beautiful Garden Island of Kaua’i.
One particular day, the children’s parents take them to the
beach for a day of fun. They build a sand castle and Nick
decides to pretend that he is a king…in fact, that he is the king
of the whole beach. His little sister, Teresa, uses her
imagination to help his pretending seem more real.
Mark was born in San Diego, grew up in
Phoenix and now resides on the island of
Kaua'i. After 40 years of splitting his time
between radio and television broadcasting,
acting and performing music on stage, Mark
now is a full time entertainer - playing music all
over Kaua'i. A long-time storyteller and reader to
children, Mark has now turned to writing
children's books. "King Of The Beach" is his first.
The Sheltering Place by Mark Huff
Nick and Teresa from “King Of The Beach” are back.
Their father feels they need a lesson in sharing, so he
tells them a story about 3 animals that live in a beautiful
valley in the middle of their garden island of Kaua’i.
Dad’s story is about Pua’a the Pig, Kao the goat and
Moa the rooster...and how they solved a selfishness