Nancy Hughes
Coaching Matters is a rhymed verse about a child who wants to learn to play
baseball. Jake is insecure because of his lack of experience and skills. The rough
coaching style of Coach Fred contributes to Jake's insecurities. Jake's wish is to
become the coach and teach children how to improve their skills while building
their confidence level. When Jake is the coach, there will not be one player who
thinks "I can't".

"Coaching is not just about winning. It’s about the connections that are forged
between young people and caring adults. It’s about the sense of pride that takes
root when a respected coach offers just the right praise at just the right time. It’s
about the positive messages that are subtly conveyed, through coaches’ twinkling
eyes, gentle smiles, and approving nods. It’s about coaching and, as this book so
beautifully tells us, Coaching Matters."
Jean Rhodes, Ph.D.
Professor of psychology, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Author of Becoming Manny: Inside the Life of Baseball’s Most Enigmatic Slugger

"Coaching Matters isn’t just about a boy trying to learn a new sport; it is also about
fostering healthy self esteem, enjoying the learning process, and the importance of
being valued as part of a team. We applaud Coaching Matters—because kids
need great coaches and this book encourages young athletes and coaches to be
caring, responsible, honest and respectful; values espoused by the YMCA."
Reid S. Thebault, J.D.
President & CEO
YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit
.....When she’s not working, you’ll find Nancy Hughes teaching swimming lessons or aquatic
fitness classes. Hughes believes that everyone should learn how to swim. She’s a sports
advocate and she extols the virtues of a healthy lifestyle. "People who incorporate fitness into
their daily lives reap so many rewards—beyond just physically—the rewards of daily exercise
impact a person emotionally, personally and professionally."
.....Hughes often has a child at her side and she’s caught up in the animated voice of a Disney
character, reading a book or telling stories to captivate the attention of children. With three
children of her own, she devotes plenty of attention to reading. She says reading is the
foundation for learning. "Once children know how to read, they are free to explore and discover
the world."
.....She admires the work of Stephen Covey. So inspired by his work, she became a certified
team trainer and led workshops on the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Covey’s
principle-centered approach to life shifts the focus from juggling priorities to following a set of
personal, fundamental principles as a recipe for personal fulfillment and professional success.
.....Her professional background includes over two decades of experience in corporate training,
marketing communications, consulting and teaching. Complimenting her experience, she
recently earned her master’s degree in education which fueled her passion for writing
children's books.
.....Coaching Matters is her first published children’s book.
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