Melanie Hughes
Harry the Hairless Wonder Dog
Harry is not your typical dog. He is completely hairless, aside from his very stylish

While being hairless makes him stand out in a crowd, that's not all that makes
Harry unique.

He has to wear sunscreen or he will get sunburned! He has his own closet with
shirts, jackets and pajamas - even shoes! And once, Harry turned blue! (Have you
ever seen a blue dog?)

Harry the Hairless Wonder Dog will delight readers of all ages. Come and see
what makes Harry so different from his fellow canines.
Melanie Hughes is a working mother of two who loves to write stories to make her
children smile and laugh. "Harry the Hairless Wonder Dog" is her first children's
book and was inspired by her son, Cameron, who has Aspeger's Syndrome.
Melanie wrote the book to teach her son that being different can be wonderful!

Melanie resides in Southern California with her husband, two children, and of
course ... her hairless dog Harry!  Be on the lookout for more books from Melanie-
as long as there are giggles to be had in her house, she will continue to write
books to earn them!
Harry the Hairless Wonder Dog was one of thirty-two books (selected from over 1,000 submissions) to be named to the 2011
KART Foundation Book List.  

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