Kathleen Iris
Kathleen Iris, author of Triple C Adventures: Books I & II
.....Kathleen Iris was born and raised in the beautiful state of Michigan and lives with her husband and
children in Berrien County.
.....The middle child of three girls, she and her sisters collaborated on many childhood adventures! And many
of these adventures have found their way into Kathleen’s stories!
.....Her love for writing stories and poetry began when she took a creative writing class in the seventh grade.  
Her teacher said she had a gift and encouraged her to keep writing.  
.....Kathleen’s love of writing followed her to college where she studied elementary education and received
an Associates of Arts Degree.  After college she worked with the Southwest Michigan Headstart Program and
has spoken about her writing at area libraries and elementary schools.
.....Presently, Kathleen is a full time mother of Triplet daughters who are the inspiration for the three main
characters of the Triple C Adventure Series.  
Email address:  kathleeniris@gmail.com
Triple C Adventures by Kathleen Iris  208 pages  
(Book One)
While hiking in their family’s one hundred and forty acre woods, the girls
hear a man’s voice calling the name Helen.  As they investigate deeper into the woods
they think they see a little girl with long dark hair.  Is she real, or is she a ghost?  
Someone left boot prints along the bank of the stream.
In the midst of trying to catch a ghost, the girls also discover someone is burying metal
barrels on their property.  Will they get caught while trying to catch the criminals in the
Join Carrie, Candace and Casey as they use old-fashioned common sense and the
Internet to solve, ‘The Mystery in the Woods’.

(Book Two) While working on an assignment for school, the girls discover mysteries
within their own family’s history. Why doesn’t their grandmother have photographs of
her own sister displayed? Will a meeting with a long lost relative ruin everything they
have worked for?
In the midst of tracking down lost family members, the girls also have an adventure in
the woods. Just who or what is moaning and crashing through the trees?
Join Carrie, Candace and Casey as they use old-fashioned common sense and the
Internet to solve, The Case of the Missing Aunt.