Heidi Lee Jackson-Houck
A Special St. Nicholas Day by Heidi Lee Jackson-Houck

A special family tradition is getting ready to take place. As they do
every year, Heidi, Holly, and Hanna are ready to listen to Mama tell
the story of St. Nicholas and his special feast day on December 6th.  
St. Nicholas lived in Greece and performed many selfless acts
based upon his parents’ teachings about Jesus. Join the girls as
they prepare for a special day and listen to a true story about an
extraordinary man’s generosity.
Heidi Houck is a teacher from Monroe County , WV . Her love of
children’s books began when she received the Little House
Series by Laura Ingalls Wilder for her 16th birthday. Her love
grew in college during her children’s literature and reading
classes. She takes great pride in where she comes from and is
very proud of her heritage. She lives with her husband, daughter
and their many animals.