Tierney James
There's a Superhero in the Library by Tierney James

James loves Mrs. Bodenhammer, the school librarian. She
introduced him to the magic of reading books. Then one
day Mrs. Bodenhammer disappears. He discovers his
beloved librarian has cancer. Even though he doesn’t
understand how you get cancer James soon realizes it is
serious. When the new librarian shows up with no hair and
dressed like a superhero James has to decide whether or
not to open his heart. Soon they become great friends and
he decides this superhero is awesome. A surprise awaits
James the day he hears Mrs. Bodenhammer will soon
return having recovered from cancer.

We rarely think about how our children are affected when
their teacher becomes ill and unable to attend school. This
light hearted tale of a little boy and the teacher he loves
brings hope and joy in the scary world of cancer. James
discovers that superheroes walk among us every day.
Sometimes it’s just hard to see them.
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Tierney James began writing at the age of ten.  Some of her most
inspiring experiences have been living among the Cherokee in North
Carolina as well as spending time in Africa and China.  With a Masters of
Education degree Tierney has been able to be a Solar System
Ambassador for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab and currently teaches
college students the fundamentals of world geography. With a belief that
you never stop learning Tierney is currently taking language classes in

There’s a Superhero in the Library was inspired by a friend of Tierney
who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her courageous attitude toward
that recovery while attending to the needs of her students continues to
motivate others. “Watching Gayle made me realize there are every day
heroes all around us.” This is Tierney’s first children’s book.  After living
in northern California, Tierney settled in a Midwest mining town to raise
her family. There she began writing the action thriller An Unlikely Hero.
Tierney draws on her experiences to create the fiction found in her
creative endeavors.