Elizabeth Jarrell
The Little Lighthouse by Elizabeth Jarrell

The Little Lighthouse has always been different from
everyone else around her and doesn’t understand why.
Trying to keep her mother’s gentle words at heart, she
tries to be patient and discover what truly sets her apart.
Will she be able to endure the rough weather and stand
alone to shine her light brilliantly?
Hello there! My name is Elizabeth Jarrell and I would define
myself as an optimistically hopeful and insanely silly wife and
mother of four active, energetic boys.  I was born in Michigan
but that is just where the journey began! I have lived in many
magnificent states and traveled both here and abroad.  My
family and I currently reside in breath-taking Northern
Wisconsin with our own cats and dogs, along with the local,
large wildlife around. In addition to writing, I thoroughly enjoy
playtime with my family, painting and drawing, a wonderfully
splendid mug of vanilla chai tea, and anything adventurous

Writing children’s books is another leg of my journey.  My
calling has always been to reach out to children in all different
walks of life.  I graduated from the University of Colorado with
a BFA degree in theatre design.  Theatre and many different
mediums of art are a love and passion of mine, but my true
intent for the greater understanding is merely to unlock a door
of communication.  Through these mostly wordless
expressions, you can reach people; to hear and be heard by
feeling.  I began working with homeless children who needed
to understand that whatever society around tells them, they
are special, unique, important, and loved.  I continued this in
small, mountain communities where there were no arts
funded through the schools.  I have tutored and been a
teacher; I have been a children’s pastor and have home
schooled my children; I have been a foster parent and been
blessed to adopt into our own clan.  I am very excited that
whilst I am currently at home raising my own children, I am
still able to reach out to so many other children through
stories.  The stories of mine, along with stories of so many
others, are so important to the raising of our kids.  Children’s
books are irreplaceable; they teach lessons, they teach the
beginning of reading, they create time for one-on-one with
parents, they create laughter, and they help to open doors to
the most important toy a child will ever possess, their own

Touch the Moon by Elizabeth Jarrell

the moon…

Life can feel so overwhelming
life is rough!"

But the moon, that hope, is always there above it all.
And the inspiration to reach up and touch it can come
in the simplest of ways…
Hear Him Speak by Elizabeth Jarrell

Words are good for describing,
like sticky, icky, and sweet.
And sometimes for telling a really great joke,
that’s funny, runny, or neat.

But when it’s time to show you care,
and be a friend that’s grand -
It might be time to just be silent…
… and lend a helping hand.

Come read about Frog and see
how words aren’t needed to show friends you care!