Emma N. Johnson
A Wolf, a Little Bully, and the Big Mix-up  by Emma N. Johnson   
The turn of events in this story are told by a wolf named An’Gelo
Cunning Lee Wolf. One day while trying to pick blueberries for a
pie, he encounters a little girl that likes to wear red. She turned out
not to be very nice. He feels that he has been done a great
injustice by this little girl and her grandmother. Now they have him
caught up in a real jam. He is also convinced that he has been
depicted as being big and bad for much too long. According to
him, this is far from the truth.

Keep an open mind as the wolf tries to convince the world that
he's just a regular old good-guy that believes in minding his own
business. A nice guy’s goodness can go unnoticed and
sometimes things can get all mixed-up. And when they do, people
will label you as being Big and Bad. This is truly a tragedy. It’s time
for his side of the story to be told.  
Introducing Mrs. Emma Nell Johnson the author and illustrator of A
Wolf, A Little Bully, And the Big Mix-Up.

Mrs. Johnson was born in Louisville, Alabama. She is a native of
Eufaula, Alabama where she has lived the majority of her life. She is a
graduate of Alabama State University, in Montgomery, Alabama and
holds a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. She presently
teaches Pre-Kindergarten in the Quitman County School System in
Georgia.   She is a member of The Church of Christ, married with two
daughters, and is a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. Mrs.
Johnson has always had a love for art and consider herself as a self
taught artist.   As a Pre-K teacher, she’s been exposed to many
children's books over the years and loves what authors and illustrators
bring to young children.  She has  been fascinated with drawing and
sketching for as long as she can remember. Apart from her job and
drawing, she enjoys fishing, gardening and doing Sudoku puzzles.

As the vision of her work begin to materialize, she put every effort into
bringing her ideals for the illustrations to life. This book has given her
an opportunity to bring her creativity and artistic abilities to the forefront.
By interactions with young children daily, she understands what a story
has to exhibit  in order for small children to say, “Read It Again! “  Feel
free to contact Emma at enrufjohn@yahoo.com