Tammy Johnson
Who Ripped the Moon by Tammy Johnson
Meet Aleena…the little girl with the BIGGEST, HUGEST problem in the
WHOLE entire world! Actually it’s even bigger than that, it’s really out of
this world…Somebody’s ripped the moon!!

Join Aleena on her eventful journey to discovery…after all, finding out
who ripped the moon is not an easy task!!
Tammy and Carly Johnson are the creators of The Tangle Fairy and newly released Who
Ripped the Moon?  Formerly an educator and a mother of three, Tammy’s knack for
storytelling was finally put to paper with her husband’s persistence and Carly’s desire to be
a “real” illustrator.

Two books later, with more in the making, Tammy’s storylines continue to entertain and
educate while Carly’s illustrations inspire and motivate other children to create.

Previously residing in New Jersey, their family of five now lives in Texas.  Tammy keeps busy
attempting to be “Super Mom” while Carly trains six days a week in the gym aspiring to be an
Elite gymnast and dreams of winning the Olympics.
The Tangle Fairy by Tammy Johnson
Introducing Lola-the little girl with the longest, prettiest hair in the whole
wide world! Only Lola has a problem, a huge problem...TANGLES!!
Join Lola as she discovers just how her hair manages to get so tangled
and see how she solves her tangle problem once and for all!