Jean Jones
The Tree That Went Bald by Jean Jones

Vanity and a poor self –image may influence our perception of
others and ourselves. My aim through this book is to help
children understand that their bodies will go through changes,
which is a part of their growth process. A child may wish to "grow
up now" or "not at all." I encourage young readers to share their
feelings with an adult they can trust. A child is not meant to
handle things on their own.

Mr. Tree liked the way he was and did not want to change. He
tried everything to prevent himself from changing, but was
unsuccessful. After sharing his feelings with Mr. Bird, he
understood he was going through the seasons of his life.
Jean Jones, a native of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, obtained a Liberal Arts
Associate Degree from Brewer State Junior College and is an alumnus
of the University of Alabama, where she completed an undergraduate
and post graduate in Social Work and Education. She is a Licensed
Social Worker and Assisted Living Administrator and spent several years
in the public and DoD Elementary and Pre-Schools. She has years of
experience in the fields of Mental Health and Gerontology. She also
served as Director of Children Church, a Sunday School Teacher and is a
Certified Christian Lay Counselor.  Jean is married and is the mother of
two beautiful daughters and two wonderful grandchildren.  God has given
Jean a unique and creative way to teach children. The “Tree that went
Bald” evolves from her creative ability and experiences through many
years working with children. Visit her website at     B &
The Day When a Tree Spoke to Me by Jean Jones

The Day When a Tree Spoke to Me is about a little boy who
isolated himself under a tree because he was being bullied.
The story emphasizes the effects bullying may have on children,
encourages them to talk to their teachers and parents, and
make teachers and parents aware of behaviors that may signify
bullying. This Writer also encourages parents or caregivers to
please Talk, Talk, Talk, to your children because bullying can
come in all forms, shapes and sizes!