Susan Keene
The Adventures of Diggitty Dog by Susan Keene

Diggitty the Dog is an endearing and mischievous
new friend who will soon be a favorite in your

Diggitty lives on a farm with her owner. In her first
adventure, she teaches how apples are grown in
an orchard. The book is filled with fun facts and
appropriate for ages 3-9.
Susan Keene grew up in Illinois and spent the first
twenty years of her career in the medical profession.
Later she went into sales and sales training before
going to live on a farm in SW Missouri.
      Susan has been writing since she was old enough
to hold a pencil. She is a Fellow in the American Society
of Poets and has been published dozens of times.
This is her first children's book.
      The Adventures of Diggitty the Dog is meant to help
children learn in a fun environment. The idea was born
when she took apples and pears, from her orchard, to a
local Farmer's Market  and began to give them away to
children, She soon found out they didn't know what real
apples and pears looked like.
      Susan believes if children know and understand
about food,they are more likely to make better eating
choices.  Diggitty the Dog is just the right mischievous
and happy character to help with the task.
The next books in the series will feature dairy cows,
chickens and ducks and a veggie garden.
Who knows what new adventures we might have.