Blair Kluckman
I am from a very small town in rural Nebraska.  I live on a small acreage
with my husband, Jim and two children, Zander and ReNae.  We all really
enjoy living here without the hustle and bustle of city life. We enjoy exploring
out in the pasture and trees.  We don’t harm the critters that we may come
upon, but rather observe them and let them go about their merry ways. We
spend a big part of our summers coaching our children’s baseball and
softball teams, and in our spare time we hit the local pool as much as
possible.  I work at the local public school as a secretary, but have recently
started taking classes again with hopes of becoming a middle school/high
school English and Literature teacher.  

I still believe that reading should be fun for children.  If they don’t enjoy it,
they aren’t going to want to do it.  If they start out with a love of reading there
is a good chance that they will continue with it on through high school and
into their adult life.  What better way to create avid readers than to give them
something they will enjoy reading!

The Dust Bunny Brigade is my first writing experience.  I hope everyone
enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!
Jasper is a lonely dust bunny that lives in a very clean
house thanks to a scary house keeper, Bertha. He has
been alone since the Warner family bought the
abandoned house he called home, and cleaned it up.  
He dreams of getting to the abandoned house across
the street, where he has seen a pink dust bunny named
Tilly who dances in the front room window every night.  
He knows the house would be crawling with dust
bunnies like him, as their dancing leads to the creation
of more and more dust bunnies. The dust bunnies have
dance parties to create dust clouds that settle, and if left
alone for long enough, will create more dust bunnies.  
Jasper, however is forced to hide in a cabinet by day, and
only comes out at night to dance in an attempt to create
more bunnies.  His attempts, however, are always in
vain thanks to Bertha.   

Staying in the Warner house becomes down-right
dangerous when Bertha catches wind of Jasper’s
existence.  By chance, Jasper meets Tilly one night after
watching her dance in the window of the house across
the street.  Simply walking across the street to join Tilly
and the other bunnies can’t be done since going outside
could very well be a death sentence for a dust bunny.  
Instead, the two develop a unique way to talk to each
other.  It’s through this new form of communicating that
Jasper and Tilly try to come up with a plan to save Jasper
from Bertha before it’s too late.