Shanna Klutts
The Paths of Light: Our Lady of the Moon by Shanna Klutts      
"This was it. The Choosing Ceremony, a celebration uniting two souls for life. For
Anwynne, it would be the last time she would be eligible to marry. Outwardly, she was
everything a young girl was supposed to be. However, Anwynne was no ordinary girl.
She had hidden abilities that she strove to keep secret choosing to live modestly with
her parents.

This simple way of life is shattered by the sudden appearance of a mysterious
stranger who reveals her true identity. She no longer knows what is real or even who
she is supposed to be. Together, they embark upon an incredible journey that will try
and test her to the fullest extent of her abilities, and help her come to terms with who
she truly is and take control of her destiny."