Donald J. Koterwas
Sandcastles Last Forever by Donald J. Koterwas
This is a very moving and uplifting story of a 10-year-old boy and his dreams of
the future and fantasies of the past as he builds "the most beautiful sandcastle in
the world" during his family’s weeklong vacation at a beach house above the
sand dunes on the seashore. He continues to rebuild it with the help of his
mother and father, two older sisters, and a younger brother and sister after it is
destroyed several times.

Many years later he understands what his father really meant years ago, when
his father told him something very special as he stood there hand in hand with
both his mother and father on a moonlit night on the sand dunes above the
crashing waves.

The story was written by his father after Teddy brings home a Christmas present
for his parents. The present is a poem he has written in a fifth grade class
following his summer vacation, called "The Kingdom of Sand." The poem plays a
major role in the story.
Don grew up in Carrolltown, Pennsylvania.  He graduated from
St. Vincent Prep in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, and the United States
Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., and also received his
Master of Science degree in structural engineering from the
University of Arizona. During a career in the U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers, he returned to teach for several years as an
associate professor in the Department of Earth, Space and
Graphic Sciences at West Point.  After retiring from the military
he pursued a second career as a professional engineer and
retired a second time as a senior project manager at a large
transportation-engineering firm.

He has always loved to write, draw and oil paint as a hobby, and
for many years relished making up extemporaneous bed time
stories with interactive input from his five children.  Beginning in
his early childhood, he thoroughly enjoyed many wonderful days
with his family at beaches and seashores around the world.  He
loves being outdoors and taking care of two acres of Ponderosa
pine forest around his home where he and his wife, Sperry, live
at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.