Joanna H. Kraus
Bravo, Benny  by Joanna H. Kraus      

Can a rescue dog win a grandmother’s affection?

When a Beagle “marks his territory” and ruins
Granny Lil’s picnic, Nina worries whether she can
ever convince her grandmother to like Benny and
allow a dog to live with them. But when a snake
threatens Granny Lil, a barking Benny races to the

Bravo, Benny is an intergenerational story geared
to readers ages 4-8..
Joanna H. Kraus is an award-winning playwright of twenty produced and
published plays. THE ICE WOLF (Dramatic Publishing) and REMEMBER MY
NAME (Samuel French) were both produced off-off Broadway. She’s written
numerous articles, interviews and reviews for the media. Picture books include
(Shenanigan Books), which was listed in the Bank Street College of Education
edition of The Best Children’s Books of the Year and BLUE TOBOGGAN
(Mascot Books.). Currently, she reviews books for young readers for the Bay
Area News Group. Joanna is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and
received her M.A. from UCLA and an Ed.D from Columbia University. She’s a
member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and
the Dramatists Guild. Originally from Portland, Maine she now lives in the San
Francisco bay area. For more information see her website: www.joannakraus.
Midwest Book Review
The Fiction Shelf

"Bravo, Benny" is described as an intergenerational story for readers ages 4-8. Filled with large, colorful
portraits of Benny and characters in action, "Bravo, Benny" tells a realistic story about a brave Beagle who slowly
wins the heart of a reluctant grandmother when he defends her red polished toenail from a threatening brown
and gold snake. On a seashore picnic together, Benny had already won eight year old Nina's heart, but Granny
Lil had been alienated by Benny's overenthusiastic "marking" by wetting her pants leg. Both Nina and Arthur,
Benny's owner, tried to explain to Granny Lil that rescue dogs needed extra attention and love. Nina sighed and
wished she had a dog like Benny. But Granny Lil had a change of heart after Benny alerted her to the imminent
danger of the brown and yellow snake, close to biting her big toe. All three humans became strong supporters of
Benny, agreeing "Bravo, Benny!" after this telling example of a Beagle's loyalty and affection. This colorful
adopted shelter dog story is intergenerational in appeal and realistic in its candid but loving portrayal of a brave
Beagle named Benny.
Oh, Little Ham of Buffalo: A Korean Adoption Memoir  
by Joanna H. Kraus
with Timothy Y. Kraus   

Can a starving Korean boy find a new life in the home of
strangers ten thousand miles away?

The memoir written by mother and son, in narrative and
free verse accompanied by photographs, describes the
challenges, difficulties and joys encountered en route to
adoption. Our story is gleaned from our son’s
recollections and my own memories of the journey we
traveled to become a family.

An intergenerational book geared to readers ages nine
up and any adoptive family.     B &