Carolyn Nelems Kuykendall
Alabama Snow by Carolyn Nelems Kuykendall
Jeannie lives in Alabama where good snowfalls are rare. When she
wakes up to her first real snow the excitement begins. School is out
for the day and the whole town is covered in a blanket of snow. In her
excitement she asks her parents the obvious question: "Have you all
seen the snow?" Jeannie’s family enjoys a wonderful snow day with
unusual sledding on the street in front of her house.
What is a Baby by Carolyn Nelems Kuykendall
When a fluffy brown bear realizes he is going in a gift
box to a baby, he asks the question: What is a Baby?
Throughout his time spent inside the box he imagines
all the things he has seen since he left the store and
wonders: Was that a baby? He remembers seeing a
dog, a tree, and a car and wonders if they are a baby.
When he finally comes to rest beside a warm cuddly
baby, he wants to stay there forever. This is a perfect
story to read to a baby or young child….and
grandmothers like it too.
My name is Carolyn Nelems Kuykendall.  I am a
teacher , mother of four, and grandmother of seven.  I
graduated from University of Alabama in Birmingham
with a Master of Arts Degree  in Early Childhood and  
have taught young children for more than 20 years.  
Besides writing and illustrating stories, I also enjoy
playing violin and taking short trips to the beach.