Lenore Lang
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Beginnings by Lenore Lang
There are some people who think that the Biblical account of
Adam and Eve is simply a fictional story in the myth or allegory
category.  I am not one of those people.

Adam and Eve were real people in a real garden, created by a
loving God, Adam from the dust of the ground, Eve from a bone
in Adam’s side. (Thus Adam was the first patient to undergo
surgery under anesthesia!  Genesis 2:21-22.)

In this book I have tried to imagine what the lives of Adam and
Eve were like after they were sent out of the beautiful Garden of
Eden.  Their thoughts and interactions.  Their children.  Their
nurturing of those children.  The first murder.  The mark of
Cain.  The aftermath of Cain’s leaving to a place “East of
Eden”.  (Genesis 4:16)

I was not there.  No one living today can claim that privilege, but
as I have thought and pondered the details of the Biblical story,
this book has taken shape.

I challenge the reader to let go of preconceived ideas and to go
with me on this journey of discovery -- what might have been.    
Lenore Lang
Lenore Lang has had a busy life as a graduate nurse,  college student, pastor’s wife, mother of
four children, -- two boys and two girls, -- with the girls being born in the country of Cameroon,
West Africa where she and her husband served as missionaries for  twelve years.  Her husband
served as Principal of a teacher-training school, then of a Bible School (which is now a
Seminary.)   She taught pastors’ wives, took care of medical needs on the school compounds,  
learning  much in the process!    She often wrote stories about the work for their denominational

She home-schooled  each of their  four children, before she and her husband sent three of them
to boarding schools in Cameroon and Nigeria.  They resigned from Missions when the two
older  children were in  high school,   wanting to be close-by  and supportive  during  their
college years and beyond.  

Back in the States she and her seminary professor husband established their home in Sioux
Falls, SD  where  she  worked as a registered nurse in  several medical facilities.   She is now
retired from nursing.       

In Africa she  often  told bedtime stories to their children, who seemed to prefer  her “made-up”
ones  to ordinary  story books.  In  the local church they now attend in Sioux Falls, she wrote and
directed  Christmas plays  four  times, and most recently wrote and directed an Easter play, The
Secret, a musical, with the music skillfully written by their church organist, Shirley Bertsch.

In the intervening years, their four children have married  and there are seven grandchildren, two
of whom have married. Several years ago she graduated with a Master’s Degree from Sioux
Falls Seminary and greatly enjoyed the classroom interactions with professors and students.  .  
She continues to work on various  writing projects.