Amy Laundrie
Amy Laundrie is an elementary teacher who loves nature and animals.  
Growing up she trapped turtles and built a turtle farm, hatched cecropia
moths in her terrarium, befriended a chicken who never laid an egg, and
tried to convince her mom they should keep the baby skunk her dad had
brought home.  
In later years she’s enjoyed horses, nesting canaries, and most recently a
duckling she and her husband hatched in an incubator.  “Happy Feet” and
Amy snorkeled together at the family’s northern Wisconsin cabin.  From the
bottom of the lake, Amy could watch Happy Feet dive for minnows and look
up to see her paddling feet.  Happy Feet was a frequent companion on
kayak trips and especially liked to stop off at various beaches to preen or
find a tasty dragonfly snack.  
The author appreciates the various pet sitters and neighbors who have
helped out over the years, including the Chief of Police who once ran after
two escaped Runner ducks.  Ah, but more of that story later.
Amy’s the author of Whinny of the Wild Horses, and the Kayla Montgomery
mystery series for older readers.  Eye of Truth, Thirty Pieces of Silver, Deliver
Us From Evil, Lead Us Not Into Temptation, and Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing
include suspense, light romance, and horses.  Visit her at www.laundrie.
Noah's Ark Pet Care Club by Amy C. Laundrie     
Mugsy, Natalie, and Denver want to go to Adventure Land,
the water park where they can plummet down rides like the
Belly-Buster. To earn money, they form Noah’s Ark Pet Care
Club. But they aren’t anywhere near ready to care for a
pampered Pekingese, a sneaky pig, or a homesick goose.
Surprises and laughs overflow as the friends scramble to
ride herd on their "clients" and earn enough money for the
adventure of a lifetime.