Twana Lawler
"Don't Burst My Bubble" A Kastle Hill Gang Series by Twana Lawler
“Don’t Burst My Bubble,” is the first of a series of “Kastle Hill Gang”
books that will inspire children and youth of all ages. The goal of The
Kastle Hill Gang is to teach coping and social skills to children of all
ages as well as to entertain. For the older children there will be mystery
books where they can work on particular problem solving skills. “Don’t
Burst My Bubble,” shares tips to help your child learn about clear
personal boundaries which will enable them to be more aware of their
own personal safety. This concept was birthed from the author Twana
Lawler’s own personal experience of raising her grandchildren who
were abused and neglected. Twana witnessed how they struggled with
boundary issues due to the abuse and this was inspiration to teach not
only her grandchildren, but all children the importance of safety. The
books will allow the adults to interact with the children, which will make it
easier to discuss such serious issues with the child. The Kastle Hill
Gang consist of five multicultural pre-teens who are the super hero’s of
today. All you have to do is yell out their name “KASTLE HILL GANG” and
they will be on their way!