C J Lawson
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IS by C J Lawson

As a young boy, Joshua Stone had a brief encounter one late night from
his bedroom window with something so hideous and inconceivable, he
did everything he could to block it from his memory forever. But forever
would be short-lived, and new life would be breathed into the nightmare
once more, when its peculiar presence would come back to Joshua yet
again in the midst of a terrible storm – twenty six years later. The
horrendously inhuman events that follow, set the stage for a shocking
reality that will soon change his life, and everything he has come to know
about humanity – forevermore.

How ironic that the monsters he feared as a child had been real all
along. That every time his mother leaned into him, kissed his forehead,
and told him there was nothing to be afraid of, she had unconsciously
lied to him. Because if you open your mind to certain possibilities, you
may just find that the fears you had as a child, weren’t childish at all.
That monsters really do exist, good, and bad. And if we are so blessed
as to never see one in our lifetime, we are without a doubt fortunate

But if in passing, someone should make reference to the fact that
something could be out there?

You tell them Joshua Stone said – there is.