Karen Lee
Stormy Stormy Night by Karen Lee

Stormy, Stormy Night introduces an eagle named Lightning and a
palomino horse named Thunder. The two are brought together in the
forest after a stormy night.

Lightning is a bald eagle afraid of flying and Thunder is a horse who just
wants to find his way back to his corral. They form an unlikely friendship as
Lightning helps Thunder find his way home.

On their journey home, Thunder is introduced to Lightning’s other forest
friends, Phillip, the wise goose, Benny, the loud black bird, and finally
Daisy, the temperamental skunk.

This is the first book in a series of adventure filled stories about Lightning,
Thunder, and the forest where they live.
A Wisconsin native, Karen developed her love for nature and animals exploring the
forest and lakes around Hayward, WI.  Inspired at young age by her storytelling
uncle, she discovered her gift for creative storytelling and desire to bring joy to

As a young mother, she combined her teaching, illustrating, and calligraphy skills
to entertain her daughters with stories and sketches of runaway french fries and
jumping jellybeans.  

An innovator with a passion for teaching she is known for developing original
curriculums and materials for MinneTESOL and has taught both ELL (English
Language Learner) and Community Education classes. She further honed her
craft of visual storytelling through the Sons of Norway Magazine as Illustrator and
most recently taught basic cartooning to children and calligraphy to adults in the

Karen currently lives in Minnesota near her daughter and grandson, Sebastian
where she continues to create magical stories for her family.
Sleep, Sleep, Wonderful Sleep by Karen Lee

Sleep Sleep Wonderful Sleep picks up the very next day – right after Karen
Lee’s first book Stormy Stormy Night ends.   

There is trouble in the forest because Freddy, the little horned owl who
watches the forest at night can’t sleep. Freddy can’t sleep because the
forest animals are fighting over the delicious raspberries in the berry patch
nearby.  They are arguing all day and it is keeping him awake.  If he can’t
sleep, Freddy can’t keep the forest safe from intruders.

In Karen Lee’s book, Sleep Sleep Wonderful Sleep the forest animals
learn about the importance of sleep, doing a good job, sharing and

This is the second book in a series of adventure filled stories about
Lightning, Thunder and their forest friends.
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