Sandy Leonard
The Easter Pig by Sandy Leonard     
Nestled deep in the heartland on a charming little farm, there
lives a special litter of pigs who aspired to be many things.
Roger, the runt of the litter, dreamed of being the Easter Bunny!
With Easter nearing, Roger’s sisters write a letter to the Easter
Bunny and sew Roger a very special coat.  

With the help of his family and Todd the Magical Gadgeteer, who
designs Roger’s new foot gear, he is ready to go.

This heartwarming journey shows how his family’s unconditional
love and support overcomes all obstacles in helping Roger
achieve his dream.  His journey will inspire you and every Easter
have you asking, “Were my Easter eggs delivered by the Easter
Pig or the Easter Bunny?”     B &
Duzy the Lamb: A Wooly Adventure in Color by Sandy Leonard     

Duzy is an ordinary white lamb — to some people. But creative
people see Duzy in her true colors. She introduces the other
lambs to her friend, Roy G. Biv, also known as Mr. Spectrum, and
turns the farm into her classroom as she teaches Art from the

Art and life are the same and the best way to enjoy both is to
experience them every day. Remember what Duzy says, "God is
the One true artist and He designed His creations to create."     B &
Jolly in God Decorates My Christmas Tree by Sandy Leonard     

It’s Christmas Eve and Jolly is on her way to church to celebrate
her Savior’s birth. Seeing the sparkling new fallen snow inspires
her as she begins to understand the true meaning of Christmas.
Scripture comes to life as Jolly unwraps the one true gift of
Christmas and discovers inside an everlasting joy for all
seasons. Read with me as we join Jolly in experiencing the
beauty of what Christmas is all about.