Mary Ellen Lisciandra
Stolen Lives by Mary Ellen Lisciandra

Chicago. 1920. A time of Prohibition and gangsters. The Volstad Act was just
passed the previous year, forbidding the manufacturing, selling, delivery, or
any attempts to furnish intoxicating liquor. However, there were many who
chose to ignore this law. Chicago was a hotbed of bootleggers and mobsters.

From the start, it was a society that was addicted to vice, pain, and pleasure. It
crushed ideas and beliefs and made certain people contemptible and their
destruction desirable. Gangsters and thugs ruled with an iron hand, as the
nation reached a transformative moment.

STOLEN LIVES is a riveting story of ruthless ambition, greed, violence, and a
twisted sense of justice. The men who ran this town were above morality and
beyond reproach, ready to kill anyone who got in their way. There was a
constant fight for power between rival gangs. They played for keeps.

Follow the story of three desperate people caught in a dangerous web of love,
betrayal and revenge during those incredible years known as "The Roaring
Mary Ellen Lisciandra is a native New Yorker, from
Queens Village, NY.  She graduated from Jamaica High
School before attending Suffolk County Community
College.  She spent 15 years in nursing, both in New
York and in Florida.  Now, semi-retired, she lives in
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

She enjoys writing, poetry and music, especially jazz,
opera and classical.  She is an avid reader of books
about history, and is extremely interested in the
Prohibition Era and the gangsters of Chicago.  

An innovative and diverse writer, Mary Ellen likes to
inspire passion, making a powerful impact to all her

Stolen Lives, which draws on her interest in The Roaring
'20s, will be her first published novella.  It is about
choices, lost morality, and a dangerous mix of power,
arrogance, greed, and revenge.  The book points out that,
in any society, past or present, you pay for who you are.
Johnny Rico by Mary Ellen Lisciandra

In her second book, JOHNNY RICO, author Mary Ellen Lisciandra continues
the saga of notorious mobster, John “Mad Dog” Michaels.  It picks up after
Mad Dog was gunned down by his rivals, leaving behind a young son, John
Brennan Michaels.

A student at a prestigious college just outside Milwaukee, John Brennan is
constantly harassed by his fellow students and teachers about his nefarious
father.  His is forced to fight – both literally and figuratively – the demons that
haunt him.  He suffers through the taunts and ridicule, and struggles to cope
with the loss of a father whom he truly loved.

After being expelled from his school, he convinces himself that it is his duty
to bring restoration and honor to his family’s name; and to bring closure to
the grief that both he and his mother are suffering.  He sets out searching for
answers and looking for retribution, along with a retired cop and a crusading
DA.  The three of them devise a plan to rid Milwaukee of its mob influence.

JOHNNY RICO delves into his quest to bring his father’s murderers to
justice.  Along the way he finds a Milwaukee filled with monstrous gangsters
and crooked cops.  In his fight against organized crime, he learns that honor
can only be restored by way of revenge.  Revenge, however, can be a tricky
game; because whenever you are fighting evil, you must see to it that, in the
process, you do not become evil yourself.

Lisciandra’s new book -- filled with the suspense, intrigue, and violence that
dominated the golden era of the 1930s – promises to keep readers
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Out of My Mind by Mary Ellen Lisciandra

In her book Out of My Mind, author Mary Ellen Lisciandra delves into
the whimsical realm of poetry.  It is a compilation of poems that
she wrote over the course of her life.  

These poems deal with subjects ranging from sports to politics to
world affairs.  She started writing poems close to 50 years ago.  
Throughout the past five decades, she has witnessed many
famous – and infamous – historical changes in American society.  
Among these events were the Vietnam War; the Energy Crisis of
the Nixon era; and more recently, the BP oil disaster of 2010.  She
even includes a comical piece about her hometown baseball team
– “The Amazing Mets” -- who miraculously won the World Series in

In addition to her collection of poems, Ms. Lisciandra reflects on
her interest in history with a very thought-provoking essay on the
battle of Gettysburg. She also displays her interest/love of animals
with a short article about turtles.

There is something in her poems for everyone.  Some are
fantasies.  Some are humorous.  Some are satirical.  Some are
informative.  But all the poems in this book definitely portray
writings that come “out of the mind” of the author.  Many of these
poems mirror her personality, her beliefs, and her bizarre thinking.  
Her writing reflects her true inner feelings.

Out Of My Mind is an amazing read for everyone.   

So sit back in a comfortable chair with your favorite beverage, and
prepare to be entertained.  

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