Nikki Lund
Alligator Afternoon by Nikki Lund

Peter absolutely hates going shopping with his
mother; it is so boring. But go he must, and that is
when this adventure begins.  He discovers a two-
dimensional world, one with no shopping, and in
which he becomes a hero.  He meets Tyler, a flat boy
in distress.  Tyler’s pet alligator, Al, is in dire need of
rescuing from the river.  Can they possibly succeed in
Born in England, Nikki Lund now calls the Finger Lakes area of New
York home.  Her impromptu stories were always a hit with her two
sons as they grew up – they loved nothing more than hearing stories
about Peter.  Nikki presents empowerment classes for children and
understands the importance of nurturing a child’s imagination.  Her
motto in life is to make a positive difference in a child’s life every day.