Sean Madden
Sean Madden, author of Vito and the Magic Bread
As a counselor, Sean Madden has worked with kids of all ages for over 20 years in schools and mental
health centers.  As an artist, his detailed pen and ink drawings and paintings have been published in the U.
S., the U.K., Australia and Canada.  Sean’s artistic and musical sensibilities developed while growing up in
north Buffalo, New York.  His lifelong love of children’s books developed in his neighborhood library, and
was rekindled when he had two kids of his own.  These days, he spends his time drawing and painting
incessantly, playing guitar, and writing new Vito the Pig adventures!   
Sean can be reached at:
VITO AND THE MAGIC BREAD by Sean Madden      
In the history of the universe, there has NEVER been a pig quite like Vito.
 Vito runs a small but happy barbershop in a far away galaxy beyond our
Sun on a small planet named, Chip Swirlee.  His barbershop is always
full of strange creatures who come to him for the best haircut in the
universe, a steady supply of corndogs and hot cocoa, and a good story.  
Vito has so many stories to tell his customers!  This is because his
magical powers have allowed him to travel through time to any place in
the universe, at any point in history.   
Vito the magic space pig is back! The guinea pigs need Vito’s help.
They’re being forced to work on Guinea Pig Island for the evil tycoon Rex
Devonshire and his trained army of Mudmen. It isn’t fair! The island will
be ruined by Rex and his greedy thirst for money and power. Luckily, Vito
knows how to handle Rex.  He works his magic to free the guinea pigs
and Mudmen from Rex’s control. In doing so, he helps Rex become a
happier person and saves the island from being destroyed.
   This story shows us that money will not buy happiness or friendship.
The truly great things in life, like playing with friends or enjoying nature,
can never be bought or owned— no matter how much money we may
have. Like all Vito tales, the story achieves this in a unique way. It is full
of very surreal space creatures, cute guinea pigs, lots of food, and a
magic barber pig from outer space with a purple brush cut and