Darcie Mae
Mother Mouse  by Darcie Mae     
Mother Mouse is a mouse who waits on her porch each day for children
mice to arrive to hear a story she will tell.  The stories teach something to
the children.  In this book she teaches manners, measurements, and
shapes. When Mother Mouse is finished with her story, she gives the
young mice a cookie.  They thank her and go home.  All the stories rhyme
and are enjoyable to read.  Each story has colorful illustrations and begin
and end in a similar way.  Grandparents, parents, teachers, and children
themselves will enjoy these stories for many years to come.  Look for the
next Mother Mouse book when she tells fun, rhyming stories that will teach
the mice children opposites and ways of transportation.
Darcie Mae,  author of Mother Mouse
Darcie Mae grew up in Maine on a farm in Aroostook County in the town of
Sherman.  She was born the next to the youngest of seven children.  She found a
love for writing as a young child then rediscovered it again after her own three
children were grown.  She loved reading Dr. Seuss stories to her kids and found
rhyming her favorite way to write as well.  Look for her Sammy & Robert books in
book stores and on the internet.  She has many, many more fun, rhyming,
educational stories she hopes to see in books for children to enjoy all over the
Website: http://sammyandrobert.tripod.com/id11.html
And here is the web address to all of Darcie Mae's books on Amazon:
Mother Mouse: Book 2  by Darcie Mae     
In this second Mother Mouse book there are two stories. The first story is
Mother Mouse Teaches Opposites. This story tells children what an
opposite is then goes on to describe some opposite words. The second
story is Mother Mouse Teaches Ways Of Transportation. This story is
similar to the children’s tale about the woman who swallowed the fly. She
goes on to swallow more things. After each thing she swallows you
repeat all that she previously swallowed. As Mother Mouse describes
each way of transportation you repeat all that she has described
previously. These stories are like the first Mother Mouse stories. They are
fun, rhyming, entertaining, and educational. Parents, caretakers of
children, teachers, and children themselves will enjoy reading and
sharing the Mother Mouse stories.
Mother Mouse Tells Mice Kids A Thanksgiving Story is a heartwarming
holiday story children and families will enjoy year after year. Mother Mouse
tells a story to the mice kids on Thanksgiving Day about a Thanksgiving
from her childhood that forever stands out in her mind as a very special
holiday.This story teaches two very important lessons:

Be thankful for what you

have, a little or lots,

and share with other folks

any extras you’ve got.
It’s sad to say but this 4th book in the Mother Mouse series is also the last.
Mother Mouse Tells Kids Her Special Christmas Story is a wonderful
holiday story that familes will enjoy sharing together over and over again.
The story tells of a holiday season that is full of tradition. There’s a special
day for the family to get together, go cut down, and put up the Christmas
tree. Special foods and treats are cooked to eat. Gifts are thought long and
hard about, are handmade, and are given with pride and joy. This story
tells of a Christmas when Mother Mouse was young and they had to share
their Christmas with new found friends who did not have much.

A quote from the story:
"We realized we had
a few less presents each
‘cause we gave presents to
our new friends family.

We also had a bit
less to eat on this day.
But it didn’t matter.
Plenty all of us ate.

That Christmas was special
to my whole family
because of what we gave
not what we did receive."   

I hope the most important thing adults and children learn
when reading or hearing this special holiday story is:
"Homemade and thought out gifts
are the very best kind.
These gifts don’t cost money,
instead they cost your time."