Sarah Case Mamika
First Snow by Sarah Case Mamika
Doug sees snow for the first time and wishes with all his might that he could share the experience
with his Dad, but he’s far away on a long Navy deployment.
He decides to make snowballs and freeze them so they can have a snowball fight when his Dad
returns home.

So in the freezer snowballs went
As many as he could fit
He made them big, he made them small
They were going to be such a hit!

Unfortunately, when his Dad gets home they’re frozen solid. Doug discovers, however, that you can
have even more fun when things don’t go exactly as planned.
Sarah Case Mamika worked for the U.S. Government while accompanying her military
husband around the country and overseas.  The myriad of jobs she held included editorial
assistant, executive assistant and investigative specialist.  Her writing was inspired by the
adventures her children experienced during their travels.  Sarah is a member of Space
Coast Writer’s Guild.  She grew up on a dairy farm in northeastern Pennsylvania, and now
lives with her husband in Merritt Island, Florida.
Little River Dog by Sarah Case Mamika
Little River Dog is the story of an 8-year old girl who, while walking out on the dock, discovers a
little dog stranded in the water, unable to move. She rescues the little poodle; and though she
desperately wants to keep the dog, she and her mother search for the owner. In the process she
discovers that real joy doesn’t always come from getting what you want but, rather, from doing the
right thing.        B &
The Blue Crocodile  by Sarah Case Mamika
The strange blue crocodile wanted nothing more than to
look like all the other crocodiles and wondered if he
would ever fit in.

Everyone was afraid of him.
He had not a single friend.
No matter what he did
he simply could not blend.

Follow him on a journey that leads to self-acceptance
and the discovery that being different really is okay.        B &
Lost at the Fair  by Sarah Case Mamika
In this fun-filled adventure, five-year-old Doug visits a fair
for the very first time and in all the excitement finds
himself separated from his parents.

His mind quickly raced.
What should I do?
There were people all around
but not a single one he knew.

A wonderfully illustrated story in rhymed text that will
spark conversation between children and parents on
what to do if a child becomes separated or lost.        B &
The Koalas’ Magical Adventure  by Sarah Case Mamika
Twin koalas with magical powers craved adventure and one day left their eucalyptus tree and
slipped into the back of a jeep.

How exciting, they thought,
As the jeep bounced down the road.
They were off to new adventures
And a brand new zip code!

It was an amazing journey that took them over 9,000 miles, and in their travels they learned that
no matter where you are, no matter where you reside, there’s nothing more important than the
loved ones by your side.        B &
Ship Ahoy!  by Sarah Case Mamika
Ten-year-old Doug was thrilled when he found out he could spend an entire weekend aboard a
Navy ship with his father. What an amazing learning experience!

Stairs were ladders,
the bathroom the head.
There was also the bilge,
the bosun’s pipe and the bridge.
Sleeping wasn’t done in a bed
but, rather, a berth.
It was all like a new language.
Was he still on earth?        B &
A Fairy's Wish  by Sarah Case Mamika
After becoming lost during a terrible storm, the little fairy wanted desperately to be reunited with her

I know I’ll see them again,
she thought, not only in my dreams,
for anything is possible
if one truly, truly believes.

Could the wonderful animals at the Brevard County Zoo make her wish come true? Should she
hope? Did she dare?
Marcel McDuby the Blue-footed Booby  by Sarah Case Mamika
The strange little bird with turquoise blue feet spent all his time imagining being someone else.

Follow him on a journey that leads to self-acceptance and a life-changing discovery:

It’s our differences that make us special
and set us apart.
What’s really important
comes from our heart.        B &
The Calico Cat by Sarah Case Mamika
Carmen — a rather mean, demanding calico cat — is not
happy at all when a new addition to the family arrives,
and even more upset when a very active kitten joins the

“What?!” thought Carmen.
“This is totally wrong.
She definitely, no way,
Just doesn’t belong!”

A wonderfully illustrated story in rhymed text that shows
the rewards achieved by treating pets with love and
patience.       B &
A Prickle of Porcupines by Sarah Case Mamika
Just like humans, many animals, reptiles and insects enjoy a group or family home; and each of
these groups has an identifiable name – some more than one.

While a group of prairie dogs
live in a colony or town,
in a convocation is
where an eagle can be found.

It’s a streak of tigers
and a bale of turtles,
a labor of moles
and a dray or scurry of squirrels.
Alone in the Dark by Sarah Case Mamika
With an active imagination, Naomi was afraid of the dark and dreaded the lights going out at

As the door closed
she sat up with a start.
She absolutely, definitely, did not like
being alone in the dark!

No amount of listening, understanding, reassurance, night lights, or her adored stuffed dog could
make the fear disappear…until a magical dream adventure with a special friend changed
Jake and the Bully by Sarah Case Mamika
One silly mistake and Jake becomes the subject of relentless bullying.

The bully called him all kinds of names;
and his friends thought it funny
to hear Jake called airhead,
bird brain and dumb bunny.

Fortunately, Jake does all the right things – ignores the bully, avoids confrontations, relies on his
friends and never goes anywhere alone.  While Jake becomes confident, kind-hearted and
reliable, the bully is always in trouble.  Jake and the Bully is a delightful and inspiring tale that will
teach children what to do if they are bullied; also, that respect from others is never free but
something that must be earned.
B &
Two Homes in Two Places by Sarah Case Mamika
Five-year-old Bradley’s parents have separated.  Fortunately, they’ve made every effort to help him
adjust to having two homes and ensure he enjoys a sense of belonging at both places.

He has two homes, two pets,
two closets full of clothes
and two loving parents
who protect his ten fingers and ten toes.
B &
Scruffy McDuffy by Sarah Case Mamika
A frightened little puppy is left to fend for himself when
his mother is taken by the dogcatcher.

What would he do
now that he was left all alone?
How could he survive
completely on his own?

Follow the adventures of Scruffy McDuffy
on his journey of survival.
Paddy O’Rourke’s Leprechaun Trickery by Sarah Case Mamika
Mischievous Paddy O’Rourke loved playing tricks, as all leprechauns do.  One day while
strolling through the village of Goleen he found the perfect opportunity for some trickery, but
would it result in his capture?  Would Paddy be forced to give up his treasure?

No matter the quest
you decide to pursue
may the luck of the Irish
always be with you.
Oh, No, Class Presentations! by Sarah Case Mamika
Just thinking of speaking in front of the class gave Thomas butterflies, sweaty palms and a
racing heartbeat.  He knew, without doubt, the day would not have a good end.  He’d be lucky,
in deed,
to still have a friend.

Fortunately, Mom offered encouragement and some helpful advice, resulting in a valuable
lesson for Thomas doing his best.

Much to his surprise,
as he stood in front of the class,
words tumbled out and
over his tongue easily passed.

Learn the secret to Thomas’ success in overcoming his fear of class presentations.       B &